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Welcome to the online booking for Bon Lio

More than 10 guests? Send us an email.

Note! You can also reserve at the bar!

Just use the drop-down menu and switch from "restaurant" to "bar".

If you wish to reserve a table or seats at the bar, you will need to order the full menu. The price is 865 kr, it takes 3-4 hours, drinks are not included.

Unfortunately we are not able to serve the full menu to guests with many and various allergies, vegans or vegetarians. (But, please ask us).

It is always possible to drop in, without a reservation. We offer a selection of dishes from the menu.

If you have any other questions regarding your reservation, please give us a call: +47 46 777 212.

Welcome to Bon Lio!

¡Hasta Los Huevos!


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